it's a long story | Victoria Soto, what a beautiful young woman, only...

it's a long story

My name is Nicole. I am nineteen years old and my favorite word is "serendipity."

Victoria Soto, what a beautiful young woman, only 27 years old and she gave her life to protect her students, her kids, from that disgusting demon who victimized sweet little children just two days ago.  It brings tears to my eyes, and yet, a warmth to my heart, to know there are still selfless beings in existence who truly care, and truly do, rather than simply say they will.

As much as it breaks my heart, I must say, there’s truly no better woman to be sent to heaven to look after those poor, sweet, defenseless little babies up in the clouds than she.

Rest peacefully in paradise, sweetheart.  You’re a beautiful soul.


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